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I have issue regards front USB

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I have issue regards front USB

Мнение от JohnHale » чет май 17, 2018 10:44 am

Hello all,

I am using windows 10 os since few days ago and i hav 2 usb front panel in cabinet so i hav 1 prblm regards usb that when i m connecting my samsung device to front usb slot so in 1 slot its working properly in which i can chrge my cell and transfer my data from device to pc but in another usb slot when i connect same device so i cant transfer data between pc and mobile device its showing error that A DEVICE ATTACHED TO THE SYSTEM IS NOT FUNCTIONING and in same usb its showing chrging in samsung device and in same usb slot when i connect non samsung phone so its working properly i can transfer data properly so whats the issue is this os issue or usb slot issue or driver issue?? Hope you understnd my query so please revert me asap

Please help.

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