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Groove Music issues in Windows 10

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Groove Music issues in Windows 10

Мнение от JohnHale » чет май 17, 2018 10:46 am

Hello all,

Since Groove Music was installed I have been unable to import tracks/folders from Windows Music. At first 2 or 3 seconds of each track would be imported, later both programmes rejected imports as 'broken files or of wrong type or too big...' This is simply wrong (i.e. I have used these from Music without difficulty for several years). The tracks play in Win Media Player and in Groove Music: I have tried locating files in Documents but with same result. The problem has cost me about 40 days of trying, a new video editor (on assumption that the problem would not be encountered in a different prog). I assume that the proximity of Groove Music no coincidence because of its array of itune compressions BUT I am unable to uninstall Groove despite following all online instructions carefully. (It says 'Remove' not recognised as a command, but if incompletely entered it says 'command lacks subject' and on entering Package details ignores Enter, seemingly incompatible responses! I will be very grateful for help having been totally unsuccessful in my efforts.

Please help.

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